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They listened to EKR !

Mr M.A from Tunis, Tunisia :  «I enjoyed listening to it. Very interesting information. THANK you very much…Now I have a definite answer about the origin of the Libyan Glass. Amazing to learn that it was also used for King Faruk, as for King Tutankhamun's ornament. I also find the information about the use of that special type of iron very interesting. You've achieved a great beginning. » 2012

Mrs L.K from Rotterdam, Netherlands  : « This is a big success, I enjoyed it very much, It was great and a lot of new informations! What a perfect idea,thank you,Antoine!!!:and many thanks to all the people of the RradioKey team!I found the translating below also a very good idea! » 2012

Mrs K.T from Kyoto, Japan :   « It's very moving! Wonderful! Thank you,Antoine :) 2012

Ms L.R from  Hawaï : « Wow ! I just listened and I am very impressed. The subtitles are very helpful. I enjoyed the show it gave me opportunity to hear information you do not get in the mainstream. Thank you Antoine for creating this bridge. I have shared the link and look dorward to more shows. I wish you much Success !!! » 2012

Mr R.G  from Paris, France : « J'ai écouté et apprécié l'émission EKR, ainsi que la traduction en français. Un grand merci...!!! »

Mrs G.A from Prahovia, Romania : « Thank you God bless EGYPT KEY RADIO♥ »2012

Mr A.M from Al Gharbiyah, Egypt : « Merci bien l'interview est vraiment quelquechose d'utile et d'important à la fois. »2012

Mr J.K from Scotland : Really enjoyed listening Antoine, exciting stuff!2012

Mr C. J from Cambodia : « Antoine this clearly takes the Libyan glass off the list of alt mysteries. A meteorite impact and the minerals exposed and introduced, remove any doubts. I will stop embarassing myself by alluding to the possibility of it being man made. Evidence of persian expeditions is another bonus as was the last part. It really intrigues me that this man is going to european sites to look at megalithic structures across the Med. The idea of cultural 'exchange' between ancient cultures is a very balanced position. Whilst there is little doubt that Egypt added greatly to the Persian, Greek and Roman knowledge base the earlier periods are less clear. Anyone who can resolve these links will be a very popular author, I wish Dr Barakat and yourself well on this journey. » 2012

Mr P.G from Paris : « Exceptionnel... Merci »2012

Mr J de J fom  Dronten, Netherlands : « Listening Gigal, congratulations, very interesting! » 2012